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Past Productions

Punch Up!

By Kat Sandler

Duncan has always been a pretty boring guy, until he stumbles upon Brenda, a sad young woman who’s about to end her life. Convinced he’s fallen in love, Duncan strikes up a desperate deal: if he can get her to laugh, she'll give life another shot, but if she doesn’t even giggle, he'll help her go through with her plan. There’s just one catch: Duncan isn’t funny. At all. So he borrows Pat, his second-favourite comedian, to help him come up with the perfect routine. A comedy of three misfits, Punch Up! navigates a hostage situation and a life-or-death comedy lesson to show just how far we’ll go for a laugh.

Never Swim Alone

By Daniel MacIvor

We face a choice - compassion or competition? Frank and Bill, two egotistical men are caught in a constant one-upmanship for seemingly no reason. This dramatic-comedy is an exploration of what happens when the desire to be first outweighs our compassion for others.

If you are interested in Light in the Dark Theatre bringing a production to your community, please contact us: 

Dani Girl 

By Michael Kooman & Chrisopher Dimond

Why is Cancer? When Dani, a spunky, imaginative nine year old girl, is diagnosed with leukemia, she will stop at nothing to answer this question. Armed with her teddy bear, imaginary friend, and movie-obsessed hospital roommate, Dani embarks on a magical journey to reclaim what is rightfully hers – her hair. This hilarious and heartbreaking musical is a story of make-believing and believing, which might not be that different after all.

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